Welcome to ALLXS schools. ALLXS helps to simplify school life by allowing parents to take control of payments at the school tuck shop. This tutorial will show you how to login to your personal dashboard, update your information and allocate funds into your current and student accounts.

When you visit www.allxs.co.za click on ‘login’ in the top right hand corner and create an account using your personal email as the username and choose a password.

Then you choose the school (association) and a set up wizard will appear where you can link your child/ren to your account.

Add your child/ren's name or school email address here.

Now you will have multiple accounts listed. One for you (parent account) and one for your child/ren. 

The set up is then complete and you can use the system.

Go to ‘accounts’ and double click on each account. Under 'general' complete the low balance for your current account and scroll down and fill in all your details. Click 'apply.'

Once you have linked the student card, go back to accounts and double click on your child’s name. Then complete the child’s information as you did with your current account and set the low balance alert.

Select diet and fill in your child’s dietary restrictions, if any, as well as the daily spend limit. Click ‘apply.’

Next is to make an EFT to ALLXS. The ALLXS bank details can be found at the bottom left hand side of your screen. And your reference number is the email you used to register with. Once you have made the payment and sent proof of payment through to accounts@allxsmedia.com you will receive an email notifying you that the funds have been allocated to your current account.

Once the funds have been allocated return to the dashboard and now you can do a quick transfer from your current account to the student card.

Thank you and if you experience any problems please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@allxsmedia.com